Members of the International Association for the Study of Game Addiction took part in an international round table “Global Crisis. What kind of Future will we choose?” on August 9, 2021. This round table focused on the theme of the global crisis facing humanity today.

On July 24, 2021, an international online conference, “The Global Crisis. It Already Affects Everyone,” with simultaneous interpretation in 72 languages and broadcast worldwide on thousands of online platforms. Scientists from various fields, as well as prominent public figures, unveiled the true causes of climate change and its catastrophic consequences, the ecological crisis, and what awaits humans with the introduction of artificial intelligence in all fields in the coming years.

The round table was attended:

Dr. Reychad Abdool , psychiatrist, the Senior Regional Drug and HIV Adviser UNO. Nairobi, Kenya
CDr. Alzahraa Shaheen, psychiatrist, researcher, neuropsychiatry. Director of Aswan Mental Health Hospital. Aswan, Egypt.
Dr. Ahmed Abdalla, MD, psychiatrist.Cairo, Egypt.
Dr. Tetiana Zinchenko, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, rehabilitologist.
President of the International Association for the Study of Game Addictions (IASGA), Switzerland.
Falguni Joshi. Holding Master degree in Journalism and bachelor in Law, she has more than 20 years of experience in areas of environment protection. India.

During the round table the following topics were discussed:

-The dangerous vector of artificial intelligence in the consumerist society
-Application of Artificial Intelligence to Mental Health
-The unemployment crisis and its consequences for everyone
-The environmental situation on the planet. How dangerous is it for humans to live in a polluted and degraded environment?
-In what condition are people who have become refugees or economic migrants?
-How important is it to unite people and build a Creative Society in conditions of a global crisis?