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Gambling Disorder

Repeated gambling behavior under the influence of a strong pathological attraction (thirst, craving), despite the negative consequences.

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Internet – gaming disorder

Internet gambling disorder – it’s particularly the loss of control over the participation in the computer games. It is expressing in that the player starts to feel obsessive pathological desire to play whatever it takes and against all odds, all the time involving the game, despite the negative consequences in the private life, family, professional, educational and in other important spheres.

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Social Networking Sites Addiction

SNS has become a powerful factor in addiction and, as a result, serious emotional problems and even mental disorders: depression, anxiety disorders, emotional stress, sleep disorders, etc.

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IASGA – it’s a multidisciplinary professional cooperation. It’s aim is to unite the specialists from the different scientific areas and professional directions, who are facing the problem of game addictions (Internet gaming and gambling disoder) and other dependencies due to problematic Internet usage, with the negative consequence of this phenomenon for children and adults and for the society as a whole.

Specialists of the different areas: psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors of the general practice, sociology, lawyers, teachers and just a concerned socially active people have united on a goal of a thorough objective examination. Gamе addictions in all forms of its manifestation and different types of dependencies due to excessive Internet usage is quite a new problem that the modern society is facing today.

We can easily call these types of dependencies the global problem of the 21 century. It is growing extremely fast, subordinating entire generations and is little understood by society due to the lack of accessible and objective information about the negative consequences of this phenomenon.

Scientific researches, that have already been conducted in this area show that the products of the gaming industry and therefore the informational load of the internet space was not safe and in themselves are the main condition and risk factor for the development of such addictions. Consequently, we came to the conclusion that this problem cannot be solved at the level of an individual or a family, and that a global transformation of public opinion on this issue is necessary. Our task as researchers is to provide the necessary evidence.