On July 30, 2021, the World Medical and Clinical Event was held. The conference was attended by doctors and researchers from various fields of medical practice, including psychiatry and clinical psychology.
Participants were physicians of various specialties from such countries as USA, France, Mexico, Greece, Switzerland, Iraq, UAE, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Portugal, Brazil, India.
IASGA participants made a presentation on the topic: “Altered states of consciousness (flow – state, game trance) in gambling disoder (GD) and internet gaming disoder (IGD) and disruption of self-identification as a risk factor for the development of addiction, negative psychosocial consequences and comorbid psychopathology”.
The research results in this presentation lead to a very important conclusion. Altered states of consciousness, or dark flow, are the result of the influence of the game industry’s products on human consciousness. Altered states of consciousness can contribute to the formation of addiction, lead to negative psychosocial consequences and comorbid psychopathology. The game industry induces such states with certain psychotechnical methods.