On October 8, 2021, IASGA participants took part in the 4th International Conference on Addiction Research and Therapy. This global event was attended by specialists and researchers in the field of mental health and addictions from different countries and cultural traditions. Also the representatives of the international organizations and associations dealing with prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of people with various types of SUD and behavioral addictions were among the speakers of the conference.

Professionals and researchers from all over the world consolidated their experience and scientific research results in order to find the most effective ways to help and recover addicts and return them to a healthy life. Not only how to help individuals and their families, but also how to make a global difference for society as a whole.
Exciting new clinical, epidemiological, and neurobiological research was presented.

IASGA representatives Dr. Tetiana Zinchenko (Switzerland) and Edward Shatochin (UK) made a presentation on a very relevant topic, which concerns information game addictions: Altered States of consciousness (flow – state, game trance) in gambling disorder (GD) and internet gaming disorder (IGD) and disruption of self-identification as a risk factor for the development of addiction, negative psychosocial consequences and comorbid psychopathology.

The presentation was followed by an interesting professional discussion. Participants asked about principles of treatment of people with gambling addiction. Also about how to stop state of anxiety, agitation and strong pathological urge to get involved into a game or other internet activities which the patient is addicted to: principles of the first psychotherapeutic help to such patients at the early stage of game activity rejection.