On July 19, 20, the World Congress of Psychiatry took place in an online format.
Doctors of psychiatry, psychotherapists, and clinical psychologists from around the world participated in the congress. Such as USA, UK, India, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Greece, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Jordan, Georgia, Israel, Morocco.

Dr. Tatiana Zinchenko gave two presentations at the congress on the following topics:

  • “Depression and suicide risk in GD, IGD and online social network sites (SNS) addiction. Emotional distress, altered states of consciousness and negative psychosocial consequences as conditions for the development of this comorbid psychopathology”
  • “Dangerous information technology of the future. What impact can
    artificial consciousness have on the consciousness and subconscious of individuals and groups?”

Conference participants shared research and clinical experiences in the diagnosis, understanding of pathogenesis, psychotherapy and treatment of various mental disorders and addictions. The most relevant and important issues of our time in the field of mental health were raised and actively discussed.

The main topics of the reports were Anxiety Disorders | Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder | Bipolar Disorder | Borderline Personality Disorder | Depression | Obsessive-compulsive disorder | Schizophrenia | Child psychiatry\ and different addictions, both behavioral and substance-based\ Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

The Congress was held in a friendly atmosphere at a high professional and scientific level, it was very interesting and productive.