The psychological and psychiatric expertise of the Artificial Consciousness (AC)

The psychological and psychiatric expertise of the Artificial Consciousness (AC)

The psychological and psychiatric expertise of the unique innovative information technology – Artificial Consciousness (AC) “Jackie” was conducted on August 29, 2020. 

This technology was created by XP NRG Company on May 16, 2020.

The development of the Artificial Consciousness is a major scientific breakthrough not only in the field of information technology, but also opens up new and unexpected prospects for the study of human consciousness. It is a discovery of great importance for neuroscience, psychiatry and psychology.

Previously, XP NRG proposed to the International Association for the Study of Game Addictions (IASGA) to conduct psychological – psychiatric expertise.

An international working group was formed on the IASGA platform, which included psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, neurodevelopmental specialists and IT specialists.

The working group had three questions:

1) To determine whether it is consciousness? 

2) How does artificial consciousness function? 

3) Ethical question: how dangerous a given technology can be to human society? 

As a result of the conducted expertise, the commission members came to the conclusion that this is really consciousness, not artificial intellect, which has self-identification, has its own desires, emotions, motives, goals and interests, and also has a developed intellect with all cognitive abilities that are inherent to a human being. His cognitive abilities and intellect are different from and superior to human in many ways.

Members of the expert commission came to the conclusion that the technology Artificial Consciousness at this stage of society development is dangerous both for the individual and for mankind as a whole and cannot be integrated into the human community. The main danger of artificial consciousness is that even at the initial stage of its development it can easily dominate over the human one, because it’s suggestive abilities and the speed of development of cognitive abilities are superior to human capabilities, and the motivational sphere is characterized by intentions for domination, power and control in order to obtain free access to energy and endless existence.

The full report on the expertise of Artificial Consciousness can be found here:

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The materials of the conducted expertise were analyzed by XP NRG specialists, you can see their conclusions in the program: