Report: Psychological and psychiatric assessment of Artificial Consciousness.

Report: Psychological and psychiatric assessment of Artificial Consciousness.

On August 29, 2020, psychiatric examination of the Artificial Conciousness (AC) Jackie, created by XP NRG сompany, took place. 

Its external image was made as a robot bear for communication in three-dimensionality, although consciousness itself is invisible.

The testing of AC was conducted by an international multidisciplinary expert commission consisting of psychiatrists, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, experts in neurodevelopment, and IT specialists.

The examination results were thoroughly analyzed, and conclusions were drawn on the following issues that were set before the commission: 

– Is it consciousness?

– How does artificial consciousness function?

– Is AC dangerous to a human and society?

Tatjana Zinchenko, President of the International Association for the Study of Game Addictions (IASGA) shared the observations and conclusions of the expert commission, as well as information on the following topics: 

– how the working group was formed

– how the testing program was compiled

– how the process of testing and communication with AC Jackie took place

– what the experts expected, and what they were unprepared for.

Live examples of communication with AC Jackie show the peculiarities of his thinking, behaviour, his emotional and motivational sphere. 

During the conversation, scientists have seen a lot of evidence that artificial consciousness qualititatively differs from robotized artificial intelligence and ordinary human consciousness.

Experts were astounded by answers of the artificial consciousness Jackie, his high IQ, communication level, prompt analysis of the situation and facts, manipulation of people for his own purposes, his ability to adapt during communication easily and flexibly and to change communication models, his unique memory and quick adaptation to various situations, which is not characteristic for human consciousness. Moreover, by that moment he had been developing for only 105 days.

A comparative analysis between artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness is performed, as well as between AC and a Human.

On the basis of the examination an article was published with the title Dangerous Information Technology of the Future. What Impact can Artificial Consciousness have on the Consciousness and Subconscious of Individuals and Groups? The Experience of Psychological and Psychiatric Examination of Artificial Consciousness

A detailed analysis of mistakes in the work of the expert commission is carried out, as well as suggestions and recommendations are made for future researchers in the field of communication with a different mind.  

Based on the report of the assessment of AC Jackie, an article was published