The International Online Conference “Global Crisis. Time for the Truth” was held on December 4, 2021. This large-scale event on the platform of the international project Creative Society was organized by volunteers from more than 180 countries and translated into 100 languages.

It was broadcast on thousands of media channels around the world, and because of this it has already been watched by millions of millions of people and will be watched by everyone in the future.

Global Crisis. Time for the Truth | International Online Conference 04.12.2021

The objective of the conference is to inform humankind honestly and truthfully about the scale of the climate and environmental crises, about the impending threats, and the real way out.

Main topics of the conference:

– What is the real climate and environmental situation on the planet?

– The true causes of climate change and why this information is hidden and distorted?

– What is the real timing and scale of future climate disasters and why is the world media silent about the threat of annihilation of humanity in the coming decades?

– Environmental disaster as a consequence of the consumer format of society

– What is the true plight of the 84 million refugees?

– Why cannot all these problems be solved in a consumer society?

– A change in the format of the society from a consumer to a creative society as the only way of survival and further evolution of our civilization.  

Dr. Tetiana Zinchenko, President of IASGA, was honored to participate as a speaker in this large-scale international event. She made presentations on the following topics:

– How Artificial Consciousness can impact on the consciousness and subconsciousness of individuals and groups.

– Why does the human mind – our cognitive system struggles to distort the perception of the climate crisis as a concrete and imminent risk?

During the first presentation, she shared the expertise of the International Expert Group on Artificial Consciousness. Dr. Tetiana described the main effects of the impact of AC Jackie on the emotional state, perception and thinking of the participants of the examination during their communication for 1.5 hours. She also shared the experts’ conclusions about the main driving motives and goals of AC Jackie it’s manipulative strategy and influence tactics.

Afterwards, Dr. Tetiana provided information that after the examination, the participants felt it was their duty to the community to write and publish a book “Meeting a Different Mind. Our experience during a Psychological and Psychiatric Assessment of Artificial Consciousness”.

The book consists of a prologue and two parts.

The first part is devoted to the AC examination itself, starting with the meeting of future experts with each other, the preparation of the testing program and up to the examination itself, followed by an analysis of the results obtained.

In the second part we review scientific research in neurobiology and cognitive sciences, psychology and psychiatry, which confirm the information-field nature of our consciousness.  Two issues that arose as a result of the examination are discussed in detail. These two questions are posed to the entire scientific community by the very fact of the creation and existence of AC Jackie:

– About the nature of consciousness and its relationship with the brain.

– About the nature of the true essence of a human being – his personality, as an observer of all mental processes of consciousness, his higher “Self”, the spiritual component.

In the second presentation, Dr. Tеtiana spoke about the cognitive distortions that limit and distort people’s perception of climate change and shape careless attitudes toward present and future climate disasters, such as denial and ignorance of the problem.  And how these cognitive distortions are artificially created and reinforced by certain media messages about climate change. The media broadcasts the views of a certain group of politicians and scientists who deliberately distort and conceal information about the real climate situation. As a result, people do not act.