IASGA members attended the 3rd World Congress on Mental Health, which was successfully executed on 03 February 2022. Mental Health conferences were in collaboration with Brain Disorders Conferences, to have a wider reach in the field of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

The event brought together researchers and professionals from psychiatry, psychotherapy, addiction and brain research from around the world. The conference was attended by

– Susan Moylan-Coombs from Australia,

– Spyros Christou-Champi from Cyprus,

– Surabhi Roy  from Poland,

– John Giordano and David Shrank from United States,

– Kadhim Alabady from UAE and other doctors participated in the conference.

The president of IASGA, Tetiana Zinchenko from Switzerland, together with Edward Shatoсhin from London (UK), made presentations on the topics:

“Dangerous information technologies of the future – Artificial Сonsciousness and it’s impact on human consciousness and group” and

“Depression and Suicidal risk in Gambling Disorder (GD) and Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD), clinical, neurobiological and social preconditions for this comorbid Psychopathology”.

Experts from around the world shared the results and conclusions of their research and clinical observations. During the following discussions after the presentations, we focused on the issues raised and refined the details. As a result of the exchange of views, further collaborative research was planned. It was a tremendously interesting and important meeting that enriched everyone involved with new knowledge and ideas.

Dear colleagues, IASGA members thank you for your work, openness and cooperation!

You can find detailed Conference Proceedings at the link: