A webinar on Mental Health by Longdom Conferences was held on May 28, 2020 in London, UK. IASGA President Dr. Tetiana Zinchenko participated with a report on the topic of “Interconnection between gambling addiction (GD) and Internet gaming addiction (IGD) and comorbid psychopathology. Risk and time sequence of the conditions.” The professional audience and other speakers showed a great interest to this topic.
After the presentation of report, a lively discussion took place, on which the following questions were raised:
1) Which other severe mental disorders are gained along with the advancement of gambling addiction (GD) and Internet gaming addiction (IGD);
2) The most vulnerable age to develop gaming addictions;
3) About dangerous manipulative informative technologies in the gaming industry, which are the main risk factor for the development of gaming addictions.

Among the participants of the webinar, there was an evident need for further in-depth study of this topic.