Social research

Social research

IASGA invites you to take part in the open social research project “The impact of gaming information technologies on consciousness, personal development, the human brain and the formation of addiction”. This project is implemented in the form of a social survey on questionnaires or in the form of interviews. Our goal is to get to know the opinions and experience of experts and researchers on the issue of gaming addictions

The objectives of this project are:

  1. Analysis and research of the relevance, prevalence, and scale of this phenomenon among different population groups in society.
  2. Research of the negative psychosocial consequences of gaming addictions.
  3. Collect ideas and suggestions about current research on this issue.
  4. Unite the professional community to find constructive solutions for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of gaming addictions.

We invite psychologists, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, narcologists, teachers of secondary and higher schools, psychologists and teachers of preschool institutions, doctors, teachers of development centers, coaches, lawyers, cultural and art workers and just all socially active people to participate in this project.

To participate you can fill a form or record a video with expanded questionnaires and send it to the official email address of IASGA (

The most interesting and useful answers will be published on the association’s website or posted on the official YouTube channel of IASGA.

Your ideas and suggestions in the research plan will be taken into account when forming research projects of IASGA.

We invite all interested parties to participate in research and social projects of IASGA.

We appreciate You for your participation in this project and for your recommendations to all interested parties.